Dobermannzwinger vom Haus Untersberg



Int. CH Ferrara vom Excalibur ZTP V 1A, VPG 2, IPO 1, AD, WAC, VC, HOT

Southwest Regional Championship 2008 Competitor - 3rd Place VPG 1 - High Dobermann - see more Pictures

Video of Long Bite (IPO 1)

Seminar with John Soares 2007

April 2008
June 2007, BH

July 2007

February 2008

TWK9 Club Affiliation Trial - February 23, 2008


DOB May 12, 2005
DZB 120804
AKC Reg. No. WS16777501
UDC Reg. No. 1355000
Tattoo No. D0115
Microchips 276096100122951 ISO
0A100C2420 24PetWatch
DNA No. V413820
Hips DV Germany HD-1
vWD clear DNA
Eyes normal CERF (08/21/06) DP-1853/2006--15
Heart normal
24-hour Holter recording: 04/29-04/30/08: 0 VPCs/hr
WSU DCM DNA negative
Dentition full & proper
Height 65 cm
Color bbDD


Princeton von Weser-Ems
ZTP V1A,VPG 3, AD, HD-1, PHPV/PHTVL free, vWD carrier, angek. V1A, black

Zolotaya Dinastiya Shannon
VPG 3 (100-98-99), IPO 3 (100-100-100), AD, Ch-Rus., ZTP V1A, HD-1, vWD carrier, angek. 1A, brown, 2/18/98- 11/12/07

Prinz vom Norden Stamm
SchH 2, AIAD, DV, Bd-Sgr., Int. Ital. Frz. Ch.

Quinn dei Nobili Nati
HD-free, PHTVL/PHPV - free, MultiCh, SchH 3, ZTP,
Multisieger, Angek, black

Kastra vom Norden Stamm
HD-free, PHTVL/PHPV free,
SchH 3, ZTP V1A, Angekört 2b

Zolotaya Dinastiya Tara
SchH 2, Ch-Rus., HD-1, brown

Irinus de Ferignis
Multi-Ch., SchH 3, AD, ZTP 1A, HD-1

Yuta Debora Play


Channa von Assindia
SchH 3, IPO 3, AD, HD-1, ZTP SG1A, 6/24/96-6/18/07

Henk vom Falkensee
SchH 3, AD, angek. 2A

Graf Guido v. Franckenhorst
Welt-Sg, Bdsg, Int-Ch, Jug-Ch, CSFR-Clubsg, Dt-Ch-DV, Dt-Ch-VDH, SchH1

Donna v. Falkensee
SchH 1

Ribana vom Falkenland
SchH 1, HD-1, AD

Baron Bryan v. Harro´s Berg
Weltsieger, DV-Sg., Int-Ch, Dt-Ch-DV, Dt-Ch-VDH, Bdsg, Hol-Ch, IDC-Sg,
SchH 3, IPO 3, FH, AD, HD-2, black

Yava v. Frankenland
Full sister of Yembi v. Frankenland

Charity vom Excalibur
ZTP V1A, IPO 3, VPG 3, AD, LG Jugendsiegerin Nord 2003, LG Siegerin Nord 2004, HD-1, PHPV/PHTVL free, vWD clear, brown

Graaf Hajo Gino van Neerlands Stam
Multichampion, VPG 3, IPO 3, FH, PHPV/PHTVL graad 1, HD-1, ZTP V1A, vWD clear, black, 1999-07/2008 (brain tumor)

Gino Gomez del Citone
SchH 3, FH, ZTP V1A, ECC, Körung 1A, HD-1, vWD clear, Bdjdsgr Welt DV IDC Sgr , black

Astor del Citone
HD-1, ZTP V1A, SchH 1, ZTP Sg. 1A

Arielle d'Amour del Citone
IDC-, DV-, Bd-, AIAD-, VDH Euro-Sg., SchH 1, ZTP V1A

Nemesis Gadis von Koepsel
HD-1, Bundes-Jgnd-Sgr. '94, FCI-Europa-Sgr. '95, ZTP SG 1B

Graaf Quirinus vom Neerlands Stam
SchH 3, ZTP 1B, AD, VDH, Dutch, Austr. Champ., DV-Sg., Bd.-Sg., Weltsg., IDC-Sg., black

Nicole vom Norden Stamm
Int. Ch., Dt.-Ch.

Bona vom Nordhang
Vize - Europa - Sgr. 99, Dt. Ch., SchH 3, IPO 3, FH, AD, HD-1, ZTP, PHPV/PHTVL free, brown, 1/25/95-5/26/05 (cancer)

Larry von der Mooreiche
SchH 3, IPO 3, FH. AD, angek. ZVA, DM-Sgr. 95/96, CACIT - IDC - Weltmeister 97, HD-1

Ikarus v. d. Kollau
HD-1, SchH III, FH, AD, angek. ZVA, black

Cora v. d. Mooreiche
HD-1, SchH III, IPO III, FH, angek. II A

Inschi vom Uhlenmoor
SchH 1, AD, HD-1, brown

Castor v. Fischbechi
HD-2, SchH III, IPO III, FH, angek. ZVA

Maike v. d. Eland
HD-1, SchH I

July 13, 2005

"Why is it so hot here??? Somebody turn down the heat!!!"

July 14, 2005

July 16, 2005

July 18, 2005

August 1, 2005

August 7, 2005

September 5, 2005

October 2005: "I LOVE baseball"

November 14, 2005

June 17, 2006


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